Red Lips & Battlefields

Work of Art

Thick, dark curls swing loose
Around deep browns and
Soft Pinks.

She turns away from her reflection,
As she begins to create
Her Self:

Line the eyes with
Blacks and silvers;
Fill the lips with
Plumping hue.

Silence the
Overbearing whispers
In the heart that knows more
Than it can hold.

Lengthen lashes,
Raise the cheekbones,
Blend the hairline,
Define the jaw.

Hum a melody
Sans lyrics,
Practice the smile that’s meant
For show.

Pull the curls and
Heat the iron;
Burn through the charms
Nature bestowed.

Erase the light bridge
Between the eyebrows;
Erase from eyes
The signs of soul.

Cushion the breasts,
Squeeze the buttocks,
Fluff the dress,
Paint the toes.

Raise the height
With crushing heels,
And wrap the package
With a bow.

Straight hair falls, lifelessly,
Around grey browns
And muted pinks.

She embraces her reflection,
As she finally sees
Her Self.

MD 16/08/2013

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