Red Lips & Battlefields

No, Not I.

It is not I,
Who levitates merrily through a thousand skies,
Graces the world with abundant smiles,
And unquestioningly loves you.

No, not I,
Who sinks through the ageless rocks of this Earth,
Grinds herself into a fragment of self-worth,
And religiously loves you.

No, it is not I,
Who raises healing storms through the thundering clouds,
Who ignorantly evades what this life is about,
Who gallantly curses, like an angel in doubt,

No, Not I.

I am a woman,
I shall rage with the grace within me,
I shall shelter my children like an unbending tree
I shall walk with pride of royal decree,

Yes, that is me.

I shall carry the burden of a hundred grown men,
I won’t be blinded by the roses from which the thorns stem,
My role is not florid,
I am a warrior with a pen,

I am a woman.
And I shall be.

I will be.

MD – 02/05/2011

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