Red Lips & Battlefields


I believe
That before grandeur there must be ruin;
My soul must stray
Along broken pavements,
And must reach the top of the tallest
And fall, like a pebble, or a feather,
Or a boulder
From the breadth of the strongest foundations
Before it can
Finally be whole.

I believe
That salvation is unattainable
Until I have plunged into the depths of my heart;
Yearned and loved,
Lost and grieved,
Left no corner undisturbed
In the prism of my mind;
Broken through it all,
Rebuilt it all,
And made a mess of the rhyme.

My mess is
My treasure.

I believe
That promises upon stars
Lack value until they are
Once broken,
And that the soil of the earth
Is death, and that life grows from death,
And that life and death are only brief
Moments in the human state of mind.
And lust, fear, envy, and hatred are, too,
States of mind.

But, not love.
Love is a state of

I believe that children know better;
That their bright eyes pity adults for
Their blindness;
And of either adult,
Woman stands stronger,
Because in the battles of love and war,
Her heart is the anchor
Of life.

I believe
In chaos, and the lack
Of pattern,
And the raw beauty of art
For art’s sake,
Or for the artist’s sake,
Or for the sake of nothing.
Craft has no guidelines,
Passion is not built upon an outline;
And the creative spirit rises
Not from linear time,
Nor from consistent truth,
But from ashes.

I believe that faith is weak
When preached by men who
Uphold it only in word,
But not in doing;
And that it will only spark
The human heart once again
After it has been completely forgotten
And sought, and found again,

And perhaps
Once more.

MD 13/04/2014

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