Red Lips & Battlefields

The Floatin’ Love

Minutes, days, months, years passed. No messages, no contact, no touch… nothing. I try and fail, but I keep trying and trying. Maybe he moved on? Maybe he forgot me? Maybe he’s happy? But I’m not.

Close my eyes and remember every second spent with you; that touch, that smell, those lips, those eyes . Those arms where I found refuge. Keep looking everywhere but I can’t find you. Cross my fingers and pray, and wait, and pray, and wait. Today you are back, but you can’t be mine.

Why? Why does he show us dreams when, once back to reality, he shatters them? Why so much pain? They say time heals all pain. Why doesn’t this pain heal?

Every time I talk to you, hear bout you, see you, my body freezes, my mind stops working, my heart beats as fast as the speed of light. They tell me it’s wrong, I can’t love you, and I can’t be with you. Doesn’t God create every human with a soul? Why you takin’ my soul away from me and still expect me to be alive? One word and I’m alive, but they don’t let me get through to you. I keep on trying’, like a man takin’ his last breaths.

Until you are, I am;  and when you won’t be anymore, I’lll be gone with u. My heart’s restin’ in my body without beatin’. No sound, no feeling, nothing. Wish I could rip it apart off my body and throw it in the sea, but I see it floatin’ back to you.

– Anonymous
April 10, 2014

(For more information on the Kiss&Tell project, as well as access to other anonymous letters or to submit your own, click on the menu option at the top of this page titled “Kiss&Tell”.)

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